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Well, yep. I brought the pictures all back again. The last years were full of lots of thinking and stuff. I'll put that all at the end of this journal, though, so that those of you who don't really care about my deep, philosophical thoughts won't have to look at it.

So yep, the pictures are back! But you might be wondering if this renewed activity means I'll be doing even more. ...Thing is, I don't even know the answer to that. I'm a particularly lazy human being, and one very easily distracted by other things, from wisdom teeth removal (yikes!) to driving test (finally) and eventually the second year of college (yay!). Also video games. Lots and lots of video games.

But I do plan to make a fairly decent effort to do more, don't get me wrong! =D I actually even have a plan for a next drawing - and it's NOT Pokémon-related. Yes, as much as I love Pokémon, find them cute, and like seeing 'em squished from time to time, I should strive for a little more variety, too. 

What will it be? Well, you might find out if you pray to Heaven with a song, as the winds caress you...

But yeah, that's about it. Thanks for the support, whether it's through comments or just through looking at all this! And for reading all this, definitely! =D I hope that everything is going splendidly for you, and that your greatest wishes will one day come true.


...And now for where my thoughts have been on the subject.

Lately, I've had a lot of renewed empathy for others, "fictional" or not. That's why I had the pictures all removed in the first place - I had wondered, is it really right to find such joy and amusement from the evident misfortune of others? That's called schaudenfreude, or in more extreme cases sadism. And as I've gained such empathy (a lot of it being due to Pokémon-Amie... I've always loved Pokémon, but through being able to meet with them more personally, my emotions have gone even farther.), the concept of enjoyment at the expense of others - parasitism - has terrified me more and more.

Then I started to look at things more closely, instead of just retreating in fear. I now pay more attention to whether there's real suffering going on, or whether it's just a fun, silly experience for everyone. As for Pokémon... well, they really don't seem to care either way, from what I've witnessed. Seriously, I'd have all sorts of folks like a certain Shinx or a certain Celebi head right into battles with the main goal of being Stomp'd or Slam'd flat a lot, and they seemed to have no problem with it. (If they did, I'd imagine they'd let me know, or do at least something. They're not just ignorantly submissive to anything.)

Anyway, if you think me insane for seeing so much life in fiction, that's fine. I know I'm very insane. But I don't plan to change this. Sorry, but it's just how I am, and it's how I'm going to be for the rest of my life. "Fiction", I believe, is another word for any world or existence outside of this one that we're most aware of, which most call "reality". ...You might disagree with this, but I just think being open-minded in this manner makes life so much more enjoyable!

But if someone's been flattened and is clearly suffering, or if I know that suffering is going on, I won't enjoy that. That's sadism. I will draw the line there. And yes, seeing unwanted helplessness saddens me too!

...Anyway, that's about it. Thanks for reading THAT too, full of incredibly lengthy sentences and all. Go treat yourself to some ice cream when you get a chance - you deserve it for so much reading, and because life is too short not to indulge a bit.
  • Listening to: Something related to the next drawing.
  • Reading: My journal entry, making sure I didn't mess up.
  • Watching: Lots and lots of Steven Universe.
  • Playing: Disgaea. Looking for Stomp-O-Rama... ;D
  • Eating: Medications - in one gulp! Beat THAT!
  • Drinking: Water. Hopefully not my own blood.


I am me.
United States
Are pictures of flattened things enjoyable to me? Yes, actually. Am I weird? Oh, definitely, and in many more ways than one. I just come here to see such pictures and, in incredibly rare cases, post some art here to see if anyone likes it. That just might be a rare IF, though.

Incidentally, Pokémon are so cute at times that I have to use an accented E to name their species. ;D

Oh, yes. I'm also not too active on this website, if you couldn't already tell. I just come here to post art when I feel like making it. Aside from that, I have a lot of other things I get myself involved in doing or making, so... I suppose I could say I'm "busy", even though I'm not.

(Check out my Youtube account if you're curious, labeled "SquishedPancakes". Hm, wonder what that account's about. ...Anyway, I also created the list of video game squishings here… . For those of you who are interested in that sort of thing. I won't deny that I am, to an extent.)


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more squished pokemon pls
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 Relly can maker my pokemon relly Kawwai unova
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Hoping to do so soon-ish! College is busy, but almost done now.
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How about flattening other things beside Pokemon?
Kasquish Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2015
That's actually my next plan. The pictures in this gallery right now were actually originally posted... quite a few years ago. So my state of mind now is a lot different from back then. And right now, my mind is telling me "more variety!"

Thanks for the input! =D
CyberFox Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2015   Artist
I can give ya some victims if ya like
Kasquish Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2015
Thank you, but I think I have plenty of ideas already. Depending on how I feel, I might take some requests in the future, but for now, I'll probably just stick to what I have in mind~!
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Th-Thank you for the Llama Badge...! =OoO= (*Bow) I-I really appreciate it... And I like your username a lot!!! =^o^=
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